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Utilizing the Governments two education funds.
How you can go from high-school to
Bachelor studies for free!

June 9, 2021

NCEA Level 2 graduates who enrol in Aspire2 Education's July 19th intake will have their I.T. study pathway funded by the NZ Government's Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund.  An entry level I.T. tertiary programme which would normally cost anywhere upwards of $10,000 is free to NZ citizens and residents under this particular scheme.

But it doesn't end there -

students who successfully graduate from the Level 5 NZ Diploma in I.T. Technical Support programme can then go on to take further studies with Aspire2 Education; with the organisation's Level 6 programme, the NZ Diploma in Systems Administration.  This is also funded by the Government's TTAF fund, so students can get two tertiary qualifications, normally costing over $10,000 each, completely covered.

After graudating from both the Level 6 NZ Diploma in Systems Administration programme, graduates are now eligible to study for a Bachelor's degree.  This too would be funded by a second government education fund, the 'Fees Free' scheme - which will cover a condensed I.T. bachelor pathway (16- 18 month duration).  Aspire2 Education has working relationships with some of New Zealand's leading Universities and Polytechnics, which can fast-track students' application process.

In all, roughly $30,000 worth of Education can be completely Government funded, if it is in Information Technology.

So to summarise:

  • TTAF can cover Level 5 I.T. studies at Aspire2 Education

  • Then TTAF can also cover Level 6 I.T. studies at Aspire2 Education

  • Then finally, the Government's Fees Free scheme can cover a condensed Bachelor's level I.T. studies at a University (which Aspire2 Education can help with).

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity with Aspire2 Education, we'll assist you every step of the way!

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