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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about studying at Aspire2 Education?

Browse through some of the most common questions that arise, you may find the answer you’re looking for!

How Can I Book a visit?

Simply submit an online inquiry to register your interest in studying with us and our friendly team will be in touch to arrange an on-campus interview to discuss your options and explore our campus.

What are my course fees?

Fees are dependent on your course selection,  most of our programmes are free 
for New Zealand citizens and residents. If you're not a New Zealand citizen or resident, please contact us
for affordable fees and payment options.

What courses can I study?

How do I apply?

Applying is easy!  You can either apply using a combination of phone, email, and in person - whatever fits your schedule!

  1. Contact Aspire2 Education via phone, email, or web inquiry; to come and visit your local Aspire2 Education campus.  However you reach out, you will be given an application form to fill out

  2. Once you receive the application form:

    1. Complete the application form​

    2. Provide a proof of ID to go with your application form
      (e.g. passport, driver's licence, etc.)

    3. Provide a copy of your latest qualification if necessary
      (Record of learning, NZCEA certificate, etc.)

  3. Return these 3 documents to Aspire2 Education, by email or in person.​

    1. If your documents are complete, you will be issued with an official 'Unconditional Offer of Place' letter​

    2. If not all the documents are provided, or some verification is needed, you can still be issued with an official 'Conditional offer of place' to save your seat'

      • After you have sent your remaining documents, and they all check-out, you will then be issued an 'Unconditional offer of place'.​

      • If you need extra help or support with getting the required documents, we'll help you where we can!

  4. Once you have an unconditional offer of place, you'll be emailed with official confirmation documents, including your schedule, course handbook, and orientation dates.

  5. Your laptop will be issued to you during your first week of class

It sounds detailed, but in reality it's simple and straightforward - the team will do whatever we can to help and to make it easy for you!

What are Aspire2 Education Terms & Conditions

Aspire2 Education is an establishment that values fairness, honesty, and wellbeing of students and staff members alike. 
Visit our Terms & Conditions Page to view some of the more-frequently referred to policies along with access to our full Terms & Conditions document.

How Does Orientation Work?

Orientation is filled with loads of valuable information that will help you to settle into your student life with Aspire2 Education.
First up, we’ll introduce you to the friendly Student Support team who are there for YOU.
Then we’ll teach you about safety in the city, local transport and cover all the specific support services we provide.

How do you look after student wellbeing

We have a student support team dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey with us.

Aspire2 Education promotes the wellbeing of students and supports them during their studies. We have agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Domestic Students.   For detailed information on the code, visit the NZQA website.

How do you support student goals?

Before you leap in to your course of study, we will take you through our Professional Development Programme.
We are extremely proud of our introductory programme as it provides high value to our new students. It’s fun, interactive and a great introduction for any new student to Aspire2 Education.  It’s a way for us to add value to your academic experience by providing you the means to learn the ‘soft-skills’ employers are looking for.

How are graduates supported into employment?

We support our students to achieve their employment goals upon graduation from their studies.

Our Aspire2 Work team will support and guide you on your employment journey. A range of workshops and one to one support is provided around your curriculum vitae (CV), cover letter, job search, interview skills and more.

We work with multiple employers to make sure you are well equipped for success. Aspire2 Education is proud to partner with employers seeking out our highly skilled graduates.

Our aim is to create future opportunities for all of our students and graduates.

How do I refer-a-friend?

Tell your friends and family members about Aspire2 Education!  If one of your contacts signs up, and gives your name as a referrer, then you will get $200!


  • Tell your contact about Aspire2 Education

  • We will guide them through the application process, and during this stage, we will ask them if somebody referred them to us

  • Once your contact has listed you as a referrer with your name and contact details, you will be contacted to verify

  • When your contact is close to completing their IT programme (or even sooner in some special cases), we will work with you to reward you with your $200 referral fee!

This scheme is also available for clubs and community groups,

and yes you can refer more than one person!