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Information Technology Scholarships
Available for

New Zealand's tech industry is experiencing a huge demand in skilled I.T professionals and Aspire2 Education is ready to gear students up. We aim to equally equip a diverse selection of students to meet this demand. We're ready to get you on your way.

Scholarships for the upcoming intakes in 2023 are available now to those who meet the criteria. 

NZ Diploma in I.T Technical Support,
Level 5

Learn the fundamental skills and concepts of Information Technology from the ground up so that you are ready to work in an career that provides I.T help and support to others, or to progress to further studies.

NZ Diploma in I.T Infrastructure,
Level 6,
with strands in Networking and Systems Administration

Learn everything you need to know about I.T Infrastructure and become an invaluable member of any organisation. Learn to implement technologies for systems and network services, manage a directory service, and master automated system and applications software deployment.

Your Study Options

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