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"Here I gained all my technical and software skills that are required for finding a job in I.T.  – the tutors are really good they have a lot of experience in I.T. and their background is more than valuable to us.  We really felt like we were provided with the best"

- Diego


"The tutors are really good, so when you have to learn something, they support you in all of the topics.  Even if you want to do an assignment and you have questions, you can step forward and say 'hey, I need help', they are willing to help you"

- Maria


"The tutors are fantastic – sometimes they teach the students how to persue our careers in the future, even how to get a job during study.  They’re very helpful.  We learn how to fix computer problems and errors."

- Malia


"I’ve been learning more about computers and how to deal with networking and databases.  I really like it because of the way the tutors help us on how to do our practicals and assignments – they’re really helpful!"

- Mosese


"I built a lot of confidence and gained a lot of help from our tutor and teachers.  The main difference is you can have a lot of practical experience in Aspire2 compared to my previous study experience."

- James

Denise (2).jpg

"My favourite things I’ve gotten to know so far is: IP address, pinging each others’ computers, network configuration, and getting a broad knowledge of systems admin.  And the tutors are great as well!"

- Denise


"They taught us how to create a website with modifications which was really useful.  I’ve gotten more offers for a job here and more interest in my CV here."

- Maraehau


"With the skills I learned and the support of the staff and tutors, I was able to get a good IT internship with Orion health – so a really good result to my studies!"

- Veronika

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