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Student Life

Fully funded IT and Computer training

Here at Aspire2 Education we are excited to offer our Level 5 and Level 6 IT and Computing training to our students without fees due to the Fees-Free scheme. Eligibility criteria applies.  

Fees Free tertiary education and training is a policy introduced in 2018 to expand participation in tertiary education and reduce student debt in New Zealand. It is targeted towards first-time learners. Fees Free covers up to $12,000 for one year’s study or two years’ training, paid directly to your tertiary education organisation.

Check the eligibility criteria for Fees Free here.

Enter your National Student Number (NSN) into the tool above to find out about your current eligibility status and next steps.

Students must be a New Zealand Citizen, Resident or Australian Citizen residing in New Zealand during their studies.  

There has never been a better time than now to sign up and gain your formal IT qualifications. 

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