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Discover what current and past I.T. students have to say about studying with us

Aspire2 Education Campus

"I really enjoyed studying I.T. with Aspire2 Education!
After moving to NZ as a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to find a new career in a growing industry. Aspire2 Education gave me that chance.

My husband works in IT, and now I can understand what he does thanks to my studies at Aspire2 Education and shortly join him in this industry. The school was located in the central city, and it was easy to get to and from class from the train station a short walk away. Their people were super helpful with the application process and getting me settled in on campus.

The teachers were really great, and they helped me understand the different job opportunities in the industry. I now have a good foundation of knowledge to start working as an IT support worker or continue studying.

I recommend Aspire2 Education because they help you prepare for employment in the future. My studies were enjoyable and gave me the skills and confidence to pursue my career goals. Thank you, Aspire2 Education!"

- Michelle Legaspi Valdez

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